Appreciation and Respect

  • Folding@Home for trying to solve the myriad problems of disease. Basic scientific research isn't often reported on the evening news. Please help if you can. I contribute as circumstances allow.
  • YUKI for reminding me that every day is special. Prism is my favorite song.
  • Fred Gallagher for MegaTokyo and making it available online. Boo is my favorite character.
  • Camilla d'Errico for Tanpopo and Helmetgirls. "Putter" has inspired a story-in-progress.
  • PUFFY for the best rock music ever.


  • Frequency counter and 6-digit display driver, assembly for PIC16F84A and schematic [PDF]

  • Folding@Home log parser in Perl [PDF]

  • Linear regulated power supply 1.5-24VDC @ 5A schematic [PDF]

  • Iambic keyer and touch-pad paddle schematic [JPEG]


Images will change periodically, click for full-size.


Power Supply